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​Video Conferencing Equipment VS. Skype


In a day and age dominated by technology, it can be hard to know what kind of technology is best for your business. There are many factors to consider when choosing video conferencing equipment: reliability, affordability, functionality, etc. How does Skype and other popular video conferencing applications compare to video conferencing solutions by Polycom, Cisco, and others? Here are factors to consider when choosing your video conferencing equipment and how it compares:


Though Skype and other similar applications are easily accessible, they do lack reliability. When you invest in a Polycom, Cisco, or similar video conferencing equipment you get a reliability system that isn’t dependent on third party applications, and when you are dealing with business partners, or prospective clients you must have a reliable system. Even if you are the top in the industry, a bad communication system will ultimately make your company look unreliable.


Though quality of video picture may not seem important, a quality picture can make or break communication and cause a company or partnership to fail or not reach it’s full potential. Pixelated picture and bad sound defeat the whole purpose of having a video conferencing system: The point of a video conferencing system is to give the illusion that you are communication face-to-face, and the right tools should enhance your communication, not deter it.


If you are using video conferencing applications like Skype, the person that you wish to communicate with must have Skype. When you use video conferencing equipment such as Polycom and Cisco, you can communicate with a variety of other types of systems and tools.


When you use video conferencing equipment you not only get quality and reliable equipment that have interoperability, but you get many other additional features that aid in the communication with your business associates or potential clients. Features that you get include the ability to add multiple participants, up into the hundreds, which other applications like Skype can’t handle. Other such features can include the ability to stream and record meetings as well as integrate other applications.


Skype and other systems don’t guarantee you a secure line of communication. Security is key to success in the modern market environment, and depending on your company, a lack in security can be fatal to a business. Polycom, Cisco, and other video conferencing equipment have security measures built into each system.


Ultimately, when you combine all these aspects you get a video conferencing system that has quality, reliability, security that exudes top quality professionalism. In an economy that is becoming more and more competitive, it is imperative to not only appear professional, but to be professional by using a video conferencing system.

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